Non-Digital Zelda

Non Digital Zelda

I did a bit of non-digital game design.  I was given an assignment to convert an existing digital game to a non-digital analogue while still keeping the spirit of the original title.  I chose to convert The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords to a four player board game.  I really like the cooperative/competitive dynamic of the game in its digital form, and wanted to touch on that with my non-digital counterpart.  Players work their way through various dungeon tiles while competing ot collect the most rupees.

Looking at the final product, I think it needs some revision.  It plays a bit too slow and combat feels a bit tedious for my liking.  It was a great project to work on though, and I’m still working to improve it.  Zelda is a series I have a lot of passion for, which really motivates me to make this adaptation do the series justice.

Take a look through the design document for a full breakdown of the rules.

Game Design Doc