Bombs Away

Bombs Away

Software Used: Maya, Photoshop, Unity

Role: Lead Programmer, Designer

Bombs Away is a competitive action game for up to five players. The project was planned as a game played on both iPad and PC together, but we ended up finishing the standalone PC version and a separate version for iPad. There are four bots all competing to be the last bot standing. They do this by picking up bombs and throwing them at other robots, or picking up other bots and throwing them into bombs or spikes. There is also a player called the overseer. He controls the environment by moving spikes around, rotating the environment, or placing additional bombs in the arena.

Bombs Away Gameplay

This was the project I worked on for my senior project at Drexel. I served as lead programmer on a five person team.  Due to the size of the team, we all had to contribute to pretty much every aspect.  In addition to programming I had a strong influence on the design of the game.  Though it was tough working with this team at times, and the way our senior project is structured was frustrating, I still enjoyed working on this project. It was nice to get pretty much all the functionality we wanted working in the game. I learned a ton about Unity through this project.  Most of my scripting skills come from working through this project for six months

Here’s a video explanation